Ecuadorian Farms


Ecuador is located on the northwest coast of South America. It is bound by Colombia to the north, Peru to the east and south as well as the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Ecuador offers optimal conditions for premium rose farming due to it’s geographical, climatic and geological conditions. Ecuador is a country that grows flowers all year round; the rose being the number one flower produced in the country.

Ecuador’s geographic location has very similar seasons; therefore, roses and flowers can be cultivated and produced during the whole year.  The weather does not vary much month to month, making it easier to grow roses. Quito’s high altitude allows Ecuador’s flower producing region to receive intense sunlight and contributes to the rose’s very vibrant and well defined color, as well as a deeper tone on its bud and foliage. This characteristic also contributes to the Ecuadorian Rose having a solid larger bud versus other roses that are grown in different countries.  Ecuador exports fresh cut flowers to the whole world, selling a large quantity to North America, Europe, and Russia. Roses are  among the top 5 exports from Ecuador.