As simple as this: our flowers arrive 7-10 days fresher than any other wholesaler or florist in the nation. Here is the explanation:


Our business model

We deliver roses from Ecuador, 10.000 feet above sea level which means a higher exposure to sunlight: 10 – 12 hours / day. This circumstance makes the roses heads develop a bigger size and the most spectacular colors you have ever seen. Besides, the water quality and the right temperatures at this altitude along with a proper care at farm level: hydration control and cold chain makes from our roses the best products in terms of quality. Other benefits? Sure…. Let’s take a look at them:

  • There is no middleman
  • There is no storage at all (unlike other suppliers that keep flowers in coolers for 5-8 days at least because they can’t sell them, offering you aged product at cheap prices)
  • There is no manipulation and major mechanical damages in the flowers
  • There are no dramatic changes in the hydration and cold chain

These last issues are extremely important if you consider yours’s as a responsible business at the moment of dealing with flowers.

How does high temperature abuse reduce flower’s quality?

  • Affects aging
  • Affects water loss
  • Affects response to ethylene
  • Affects Botrytis infection and growth
  • Affects consumer buying decisions

We caught your attention… didn’t we?

a_volca-aThe understanding of market and consumer requirements are not rocket science. Our experience has proven that our clients mainly are looking for quality & consistency of freshness, shelf life, size and great shape from our flowers, fair prices and dependability (consistent supply). RosesandSmiles.com meets all these demands….. that’s the only way to build trust and increase your business.

As an additional advantage this process reduces dramatically a terrible waste of resources: labor to cut and prepare flowers than are send to garbage because they can’t be sold, supplies and materials, energy, fuel, etc. Can you imagine all the money involved around this? Well…. Our proposal will help the farmers instead of wasting money and time, to increase their efforts to improve their worker’s life conditions with benefits like: better salaries, healthcare, education and community programs. Also helps growers to have available resources to be eco-friendlies with the environment, being this an issue that our company takes it with absolute responsibility. Actually we source only with social and environmental responsible farms. Beyond, RosesandSmiles.com is paying fair and better prices since there are no middleman chains making fortunes!

If you’re interested in talking to us about this issues, we’ll be more than glad to do it since we’re passionate entrepreneurs that love our activity. Call us at 1-866-424-2388

As you can see once you buy flowers from RosesandSmiles.com, we cut, pack, ship and deliver to your door the most famous roses in the world. Our core is “to do different things to get different results”.


RosesandSmiles.com Team